Development Roadmap

  • August

    My goal is to use these leads to persuade investors to put money into this project which I can use for development and promotion of CampaignPro.

  • Late June/July

    By the end of June, I hope that we have started to generate traffic to the site that is converting into leads. My goal is 25 leads by the end of July which isn't a massive number but that's the number I will deem the product successful enough to start development.

  • Late May

    Name, website and most of the design was ready so I started on validation by promoting the website on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google.

  • 15th May

    The designs were near enough finished, and I started working on this website to promote the product and validate the idea. At this point I still didn't have a name for the product.

  • Late April

    I had been thinking of something like CampaignPro for ages but something I saw on dribble inspired me with a design I could use for it. I started planning out features I wanted in CampaignPro and started designing the program in XD.