What motivates people who visit a website to convert?

This is one question that every Marketer is seeking the answer to. If you know how to make people buy, then you can increase your conversion rates and boost your sales.

So, what motivates people to buy?

It used to be said that you should give people what they need because that is what they are going to buy. That may have been the case before, but things have changed, and people no longer buy what they need. Instead, they buy what they want and what they crave and hence people struggling to put food on the table, but have a massive TV, the latest iPhone, and a bottle of Jack Daniels!

You need to pitch your product not as something they need, but as something your target customer must have; make it so they crave your product and must get their hands on it.

People are also motivated to buy because they get pleasure from it. People don’t walk into a car dealership and buy a top of the range BMW because they need it; a Ford or Fiat would have done the job just as well. They buy the BMW because they want the pleasure that goes with it. Whether it’s comfort, the joy of all the gadgets, or that it is a status symbol. Whatever their reason it will be because they have associated pleasure with owning a BMW and so they buy one when they could have saved money and bought a cheaper car.

Another reason people are motivated to buy is that they want to avoid or reduce pain. Volvo is one of the most popular, best-selling cars in Europe. Why? They are not the prettiest of cars, they aren’t expensive, nor are they of the perceived class of a Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes. Volvo’s sell well because they are some of the safest vehicles on the market and people want to avoid the pain associated with car accidents.

These are three of the main things that motivate people to buy. If you can work out how to use these three reasons people buy in your emails, your newsletter, and your website, then you can convert more visitors into paying customers.

Identify your target market, learn their pain, and solve their problems with your product and you’ll be off to a great start.


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