How to speed up campaign briefing with CampaignPro?

To quickly get up and running with your campaign briefs one can use CampaignPro templates. They everything that you need to plan campaigns on the world’s most popular marketing platforms.

With these templates you can create briefs with one click. No longer do account and marketing managers need to worry they’ve forgotten something, nor do they need to worry about new advertising features that they might’ve missed.

You can also save your own templates. If your company often runs similar types of campaigns you can set up a brief with the sections you need, save it as a template and then create briefs with one click on the dashboard.

CampaignPro Dashboard

CampaignPro Blocks

Blocks allow you to drag prebuilt sections into your campaign briefs. For example, If you are running a campaign that involves Google Search Ads you can drag and drop the ‘Search Ads Block’ from the sidebar into your brief and it will populate it with everything you need for that campaign.

CampaignPro Brief Builder

You can also save your own blocks with information that you use on a regular basis. Like information on clients, market research, goals of the campaign, etc. These can then be dragged into any brief to save time.


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