How to automate marketing campaign setup with CampaignPro

If you’re wanting to speed up the setup of campaigns, then CampaignPro flows will help you out. Flows allow you to plan the progression of a brief through copywriters, designers, marketers, etc.

It will then automatically send the brief to who needs it all while notifying the owner of that flow and even the client if you choose to keep them updated.

CampaignPro Flow editor

In the example flow above, the brief will go to a lead designer first, then when they complete their section, the brief will be sent to the marketing executive and CMO. This reduces the back and forth between departments.

The ability to add deadlines to brief sections helps you stay on time, and you can use the dashboard to see who is holding you up.

CampaignPro Dashboard

If you want to involve outsiders with your campaign you can do so by clicking the plus button and entering an email or teams account and they will be sent the brief when it’s their time.

If you have common flows that your company often uses, they can be saved as templates and can help you speed up your campaign briefing even more.

CampaignPro Flow Templates


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